Sheila, Michaela, and Madyson Liddicoat | Glendale, Arizona

This time of year, with the holidays coming up, people tend to think about getting some new pictures done.  Whether it is for holiday cards, updated photos for their home, or for family sharing, I love to be able to capture the growth and changes from year to year.

Sheila contacted me wanting to get some images done of her and her girls for the holidays.  After some weather issues with our first scheduled time, we met at Manistee Ranch in Glendale, Arizona for our session.  The girls seemed to be pretty excited, and Michaela was awesome the entire time.  She helped to encourage Madyson throughout the session, especially as she became less interested as 4-year-old kids do.  Overall, it was a ton of fun and I love the images we were able to capture!

Brandon Larkin

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