Find The Light | Phoenix, Arizona

As a photographer, we are always trying to improve our skills and learn.  Everyone does things a little differently, and being part of the Phoenix Comicon Visual Media team I have learned new things nearly every time I have worked with any of the other photographers or participated in a clinic.

For this clinic, the idea was to use available light in the area we were in (around Historic Heritage Square in Phoenix, Arizona) to light our subjects.  Our two models were the awesome James Xavier and Sara Moni.  This was an interesting challenge and one that really makes you think more about the light around you and taking advantage of it more than trying to think of what kind of light you can create to make a great image.

Below are a few images to show the results.  Special that to London Stokes and Brittany Hogan for hosting this workshop, regardless of how chilly it was out there!


Brandon Larkin

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