Session Pricing

All of my standard portrait sessions start at $150.  These include time and some credit for prints.  Though I do pre-build some packages, if you know specifically what prints you are going to want up front, let me know and I can build a custom print package for you.

From time to time throughout the year, we will offer specials on our Facebook Page.  Just mention the special when you contact me and I’ll get it all squared away.


We do have a referral program.  If you send someone my way and they book with me, your next session will receive a 15% discount.  This does not include any mini-sessions I may be offering at the time and cannot be combined with other discounts.

My Philosophy on Prints

I love prints, and I think most of us do.  Unfortunately, in the current digital age, sometimes prints are lost in the shuffle of getting our images up on Facebook and Instagram.  For this reason, I do not offer digital images as part of any of my packages.

All of my packages include either a print or credit amount that can be used toward a print purchase. If you know when you are booking with us that you are going to need more prints than the package contains, let us know and we can get a custom print package together that can fit your needs.

What If I Want Digitals?

Print Pricing

All of our prints are fulfilled through a professional photo lab with a focus on quality of the print and paper.  You can feel the difference on these prints.

Through your online proofing gallery, you will have the ability to directly purchase a variety of printed products, including photo prints, metal prints, and canvases.  I have listed a few of the most common sizes below with their pricing.  If you don’t find what you are looking for in your gallery, let us know and we can get you an idea of the cost for specific items and sizes.

Lustre Prints

8×10 $6.99

Canvas Prints

8×10 $6.99

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